Meet Me

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What’s up! Glad you made it.

If you made it here, we’re already off to a good start —

I’m Cam, born and raised Tennesseean
but currently living on the island of Oahu
with my wife, Savannah.
Together, we shoot films and photos for couples
who are unashamedly in love.

On our best day you can find us drinking coffee,
eating lots and lots of Asian food,
and spending time outside.

We believe love is the most important thing out there,
+ it deserves to be documented, preserved, and celebrated.
We focus on love stories, making sure we capture
what makes you, you + what makes your love story unique.

We truly value human connection,
+ we’d love nothing more than to be there for you
in all your big + small moments.




this is us!


Meet Savannah.

my wife + teammate.
she’s a wedding + elopement photographer and together,
we make a pretty dang good team.

we love capturing love stories together
because we’re inspired by our own.

we work really hard to make sure you
are captured to your fullest potential.

Find out more about her here!


here’s what we’re really about—


photos + films with feeling,


with meaning,


and with purpose.


we capture your love

and preserve it on camera.

come say hi,
we’d love to meet you!

kind words


Travel dates

july / colorado
august / nashville
September / Rosemary, FL
October / Santa Rosa, FL
april 2020 / Maui
april / maui
say hi if we’re in your area, or receive a discount if you choose one of our bucket list locations!
bucket list:
utah / mexico / greece /
switzerland / bali / philippines /
 japan / tuscany / yosemite